(I)Part-time Teaching
- Digital remote courses 
- Illustration Coaching
- Physical classes 
- Teachers Report 
- PDF class handouts
- Reference list
- New Course Creation Pensum
(II) Illustration Consultation
- Image recognition
- Stock Illustration curator 
- Narrative/sequence Image curator
- History recognition 
- Artist referral 
- Background check 
(III) Illustrative Healing (Art therapy)
(IV) Law enforcement Illustration: 
- Secret Illustrative Vault
- Cold War illustrations  
- Weather illustrative reports 
- Art Therapy for Criminal Profiling 
- Art therapy Image deconstruction
- Social Media with an Illustrative Direct Message 
(V) Surface Design Illustration
(VI) Greeting cards & retail products illustration 
(VII) Licensing & Merchandising
(VIII) Science illustration and Experiments  
(IX) Package Illustration
(X) Production Illustration
(XI) Illustrative research based on projects
- “Not all who wander are lost” (Pollen collection)
(XII) Inspiration for various industries: Movies / Music / Comics / Animation etc.
- Heroes Journey Raw Honey 27 (works with blood) 
- Materia Prima Procesada o Cruda 
   - Stock photos
   - Field photos / Field creative notes writings  
   - Adventure pictures 
   - Dibujos maría palitos 
   - Mood boards 
   - Brainstorming   - Creative writing 
   - Multicultural Exchange  
(XIII) PDF’s Sketches goodies
-> Revisions 
(XIV) Storyboards
(XV) Journalist / Editorial illustration 
(XVI) Book illustration 
(XVII) Fashion & Lifestyle illustration / Illustrative personal shopper
- Fashion Mood boards / Contemporary and old art reference 
- Designers' list and webpages
- Jewelry Design illustrations/development 
- Personal Internet shopper curator
- Description of the products/recommendations / environmental issues
- Background fashion deconstruction of the piece / Origins 
(XVIII) Concept Art / Fantastic / Fantasy Art 
World creation 
- Photo Illustration 
- Collage
- Character design 
(XIX) Dream illustration 
(XX) Creative projections 
(XXI) Non-accurate Medical Illustration
(XXII) Paintings (all different media)
(XXIII) One-piece traditional illustration (mixed media or just drawings) 
(XIV) Comics/webcomics 
-Magazine Cartooning
-Editorial Cartooning ​​​​​​​
(XV) Drawings / Illustrations for Presentations  
(XVI) Illustrated Lectures  NOTES
(XVII) Adventures Documentations
- Photos / Drawings / Field Notes / Field photos 
- Travel Expenses
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